Outlook calendar not updating sharepoint

It's important for my users that they don't have to do this.Is there anyway to make Share Point fetch the events from Outlook automatically? 2003 can support displaying a Share Point calendar in Outlook, but the sync isn't two way.Share Point has the connect to Outlook option and all.I did that, I was also able to copy all the events from Outlook into Share Point fine.I have some users who are having issues with adding/updating information in their Share Point calendars while using outlook.The syncing process goes smoothly and they can view the content in Outlook but the option to add a new appointment stays grayed out. They all have contribute level access to these calendars and they can edit them in the web version of Share Point. I'm trying to sync a Share Point calendar with an Outlook calendar.

Creating an event in outlook calendar and then syncing it to sharepoint calendar. I don't think there is sync, but what you can do is to overlay the Outlook calendar over Sharepoint calendar. Right now the only solution i found is copying all the event from my outlook calendar and paste them into sharepoint using outlook... Is it even possible to really sync anything from outlok TO sharepoint.



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