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One video, entitled “Library Camgirl gets caught,” has attracted more than 340,000 views. camgirl going by the name Penny Lane, for instance, has a number of teases for live library shows or videos.

“There’s all sorts of guys who just think it’s the hottest thing ever for a girl to do something naughty in public,” said Ashley Sinclair, a popular Tennessee-based webcam performer and adult film actress. Sinclair said she’s never broadcast from inside a library, but did have a client who preferred her to perform erotic acts next to a window “because he thought people could see me outside.” Porn, a Canadian-owned provider of streaming pornographic videos, has more than 100 videos matching the terms “public library.” The videos range from women coquettishly exposing their breasts and vagina, to getting completely nude and masturbating on a library’s carpeted floor.Earlier this year, Oregon State University got word that one of its reading desks had been used to stage a viral video of a student masturbating.And just this week, Ontario’s Windsor Public Library announced that two of its branches — and some of its patrons — had shown up in the background of a series of online porn videos.The stunt brought in 0, but also a charge for indecent exposure, lifetime bans from camgirl websites and — most worrying for many adult performers — the public release of Ms. In the case of Windsor, library officials were particularly motivated to get the police involved because the videos feature the unidentified woman interacting with children.


The camgirl (and camboy) industry attracts roughly 5% of total worldwide internet users and is estimated to top US-billion per year in earnings.While most camgirls work out of private bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms or even kitchens, a small niche have taken to staging risqué shows in public places.


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