Pacthesis dating sims cheats

Some they show you getting married (one where you get engaged) and some where your with the person and your kid.My main suggestion is when you start the game use the 15 points for charm so you don't have to waist cash then work on your wisdom and work at the shop not the burger place it gives you more cash per energy.

The ending is pretty much the same for all five but slightly different.

Mostly the big difference is each ones personality, back story, and what they say.

The gifts for Devin is the robot book and the popcorn. For Devin you just have to wonder around or what ever till day 15 and he unlocks himself, he lives in the same apartment as you.

If you go to the door with the stick man on it that was locked earlier it'll be unlocked and choose to go in, he's in there.


general game play walkthrough I can help you with cause I've been playing though to find out everyone's back-story fooddoesnthealwoundsirl -2000 hp grandtheftinventory -100 of all items iliketodigoutcoinsfromthesofa -gives 00 mypowahlvlisover9000 -00, 2000 hp, 55 exp and 100 of every item nomorefangasm -1000 exp with Emerson chadisastupidname -1000 exp with Cody cuddlyemo -1000 exp with Zane dontlethimtieanoose -1000 exp with Devin spidermanisnothishero -1000 exp with Ace thisgameblows -1000 exp with every one woooooosh -brings you to the day of the concert.You put the cheat codes in at the phone booth which is at the bottom left of the map where you find Ace's wallet and go to the masion and give it to him The gifts for Emerson are the cd and hamburger. The gifts for Zane are the plushie (cause he likes cute things) and the popcorn (apparently he gets it a lot when he goes to the movies).


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