Paid dating sites were recently sued for massive fraud who is kurt russell dating

The choices are either as a visitor (free) or paid membership.He then told me he was in Edinburgh Scotland on a business trip then he told me that there was an accident on his work site that people had been killed and that he had he had to pay compensation to the families of the people who died and before that he told me that he lost his wallet. Be very wary of all dating websites and of this man. Several weeks ago I tried to access my account and I received a message saying "no such email address registered." I did not change my email address or change my password. Day after day, week after week, I sent out messages with no replies.I have written Zoosk's customer service five (5) emails, asking them to correct this situation. In reading other reviews this appears to be their business practice -- get your money and then forget about you and your concerns. Then one day I came across a friend I knew in person.This information should have been conveyed to the consumers before they join. I was very dissatisfied with this dishonesty and asked to cancel my subscription. I am now going to contact my bank and have them freeze that fund. Zoosk, similar to the other popular online dating sites (Match, eharmony, Ok Cupid, etc), presents itself through various media venues (social media, internet sites, and television advertising) as a forum which provides a virtual platform to connect users (members) seeking other users (members) by means of information provided by the users (members) for the purpose of initiating a mutual agreed upon personal relationship (short term, long term, single dates or casual) between those users (members).The type of virtual platform varies depending on how the user (member) chooses or "signs up" for.


Apparently this site is not free and one has to pay for membership.I have no idea who has paid them and how it is still running since May 1st 2015 - Even my age 44 (which is not true) was given and some basic information about me.I was on this dating site that was suppose to be different. We started off with chatting via email then he asked me to go to whatsapp messenger he continued to send me emails telling me about his undying love for me. He told me that he was the owner of a business called **.Zoosk doesn't screen the people that sign up and you don't know if the picture you get is actually the person that you are talking to. He told me that he was from Brisbane, Australia, is a widowed - his wife died of coronary heart disease and he has a 5 year old daughter who lives in Italy with his mother.

I would HIGHLY recommend that a person not subscribe to this scam. When I asked her about her experiences with Zoosk, I learned that she had never signed up but she would get IM's in Facebook from time to time.

A co-worker stopped me the other day to tell me he saw my PHOTO on a dating website. He pulled his Zoosk account up and guess what, it was me. I believe they use FB to pad their site, with accounts that are viewable to the public, in FB. I saw thousands of emails in one of my husband's email address coming from Zoosk.


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