Parinod dating a new guy


So, stop trying to read his mind or control how he feels. He could perceive it as neediness, and want to run the other way. And from your email, I am sensing that you might be doing things on your dates that could sabotage the relationship. It seems to me, Julie, that you might be trying too hard to be the ‘perfect’ girlfriend, and you may be doing this at a big risk, especially if it’s not what you really feel inside. Which means you’re comfortable asserting your own needs. It’s definitely a skill that I’ve learned over many years.This is tricky to navigate, especially if you are trying to get dating/relationships ‘right’ this time around. If you’re not comfortable sharing how you feel with a man, especially when feelings are hurt or when you’re confused by his actions, know that you’re not alone.I feel really good about myself but this uncertain relationship leaves me doubting myself. I can appreciate how difficult it can be to make sense of men, dating and relationships, especially after a divorce.When a marriage ends, dating can seem like a foreign country!It sounds like you have some insecurity in your new relationship.


I don’t know how to keep myself from feeling this way. I have been working so hard to do it all correctly.

I am keeping these feelings hidden from him as best as I can, but when we are apart I am a mess and paranoid wondering why it isn’t going further, what is wrong with me… No pressure, fun, energetic, just letting things be and progress naturally. Reading Rory Ray and Christian Carter books and seeking therapy after my divorce.


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