Parisss webcam chatroom

For those who have not yet heard about Web RTC, you probably will and more often in the months to come.

And you don’t just need only Chrome either, Good stuff.” Those are the comments you can hear when in Web RTC circles.


The underlying technology comes from Global IP Solutions, a 2010 Google acquisition.Google opened the source code under a BSD license, with the intention of greasing the wheels toward its standardization. The standard is designed to support streaming audio and video communications directly on the web, with no plug-ins.According to Mozilla’s Anant Narayanan, who blogged about the event, “ It is still very early days for Web RTC integration in Firefox, but we’re really excited to show you something that works!” He said that the team at Mozilla Labs has been experimenting with integrating social features in the browser, “and it seemed like a cool idea to combine this with Web RTC to establish a video call between two users who are signed in using Browser ID (now called Persona).

The standard group’s reason for being is that “ Currently, there is no free, high quality, complete solution available that enables communication in the browser." Web RTC aims to make that happen.Technology watchers agree that once the standard is mature, it's likely to get widespread attention, helping to eliminate the need for plugins to enable video chat.


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