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However, the actor remains unfazed and is full of confidence when it comes to her acting abilities. I got a tattoo on my back when I was doing Bidaai and recently got this angel tattoo on my thigh. People in this industry feel insecure about their jobs. Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH) is doing really well and depicts the relationship between a mother, son and daughter-in-law well. I also like Qubool Hai, which has an engaging storyline. Neelu Waghela who plays Bhabhoo in DABH, Karan Singh Grover, Vikrant Messey and Surbhi Jyoti from Qubool Hai. In this interview, she talks about her break, upcoming films and her rivals in the industry. The reason is that when I was a kid, my granny spilt hot water on me accidentally and I got a scar, which is very visible. Quick Five A question you have been asked numerous times? ” When people see me without make-up, they say the makers made my skin look darker for the show.


Where did you disappear after Pratha for two years? I was doing a movie called Myoho — The Mystic Law (2012), which was an art film.


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