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It is a problem that has caused untold grief to many an unsuspecting farang.There is even an exclusive farang club in Thailand called the 'Pattaya flying club'.here is a well known, but little understood, trick in Thailand that is so good you could almost describe it as the perfect illusion.I’m not talking about the parlour tricks performed by household names in the magic profession; what I’m talking about requires years of dedication, an eye for detail, and total commitment to an extent never before seen.The flying club has nothing to do with aviation, but quite a lot to do with sky-diving off high-rise balconies to a quick, sharp, and sudden transition into the afterlife!There are a lot of Thai girls online that are just looking for some short-term fun with an exotic Westerner like you!


Some perfectly happy relationships are formed in Thailand between Western tourists and the bar girls there. If you start to get emotionally attached to a girl that you meet in a bar, your better judgement will get pushed aside because you’ll know that, however rare they are, success stories can happen.

There really is no way of knowing when a bar girl is being genuine and when she is not, unless you catch her red-handed in a lie.

You might be wondering why I describe this as a trick.

In truth, Thai bar girls are not always seeking to lull foreigners into a web of deceit about their, not entirely genuine, affection.

Surprising then that it has been mastered by a whole section of Thai society!I'm not talking about the well known Pattaya jet-ski scam where tourist customers get charged for causing damage to the jet-ski that was there all along.... I'm not talking about the inevitable lottery win that gets you some free accommodation in a hotel that is miles away from anywhere only to find out, on arrival, that you must pay extortionate prices for the hotel food, amenities and so on! No, I'm talking about the time honoured truly sublime expertise with which the Thai bar girls can seemingly effortlessly work their magic and turn an otherwise sensible middle-aged farang (foreigner) tourist into an adoring boyfriend or husband!


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