Paul and phoebe dating


"It looked like Paul and Phoebe might have set Ben up with Shelley -- seemed like a first date." (Wesley and Mc Kenzie are best friends and recently celebrated the former.) PHOTOS: Costar couples! But I was walking home one day at like 2 a.m., and it was freezing—it must have been 20 degrees outside,” Paul said. This little baby, eight-month-old kitten, was nearly frozen under a car. It’s funny because I’ve been doing so much work with The Humane Society and everyone [kept] asking me if I had a pet, and I would [say] no.

The gold band you can see in the image below first surfaced in March and has been photographed being worn by Tonkin on multiple occasions since then.Although it doesn't look like a conventional engagement ring, some fans have argued that it is a reflection of Tonkin's style while others speculate it could be more of a commitment ring than a pledge to marry.


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