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, "Those who are trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela at this very moment know that the U. will do its best to recognize and support any resulting dictatorship."Although Chvez has publicly affirmed that he will submit to a referendum in August 2003, as mandated by the constitution, Hans Dietrich explains why the coup plotters are for many small magazines.

Paul Krugman says that the Republican Party's ' Southern strategy,' "rests on appealing to the minority of voters who do share Mr. But because the majority doesn't share those views, the party must to key government positions.

And that the President knew this when he lunched with her at Crawford a few weeks ago."The .

Without much evident restraint, he is restoring long-forgotten indignities to the White House at a time when his administration is expanding the very powers that his new appointees once abused." the U.

S.' call for early elections in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez said that "I think they haven't properly evaluated Venezuelan affairs. We will have to send them a copy of the constitution." Plus: Chavez ," as increasingly violent drug-trafficking gangs extend their reach into middle- and upper-class neighborhoods.

Thursday, December 12, 2002Mark Steel asks: "Could anyone have a more useless job than those weapons inspectors in Iraq? He says that toppling Saddam would be a repeat of earlier mistakes and explains why that's 's Stephen Bates looks at the billion-a-year business of Christian merchandising, and friction within the industry between ministering to people and making money.

" He sees the pointlessness displayed in the tabloid headline ' Iraqis risk Bush's wrath with another arms denial.' ": "The clash between U. A daughter tries to come to terms with her 47-year-old , failing to credit him with uncovering a 1981 friend of the court brief that Senate Republican leader Trent Lott filed to try and help Bob Jones University keep its federal tax-exempt status, despite the school's policy prohibiting interracial dating.


Brazil's cocaine consumption is the world's second-largest -- 40 to 50 tons per year, compared to 260 tons in the U. The , and finds that of the 58,000 convictions won by local prosecutors in one county over the past five years, 77 percent involved less than a gram of a drug and that 35,000 of these small-time offenders were sent to jail or prison.The Bush administration is reportedly reveals who's funding some of the Christian fundamentalists and Jewish neoconservatives who are calling Islam an inherently violent religion.


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