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At the end of the day, we tried our best.” And now they are trying their best again!And the timing couldn’t be better as is set to premiere in just a few weeks.“I’m the first girl Pauly has ever loved as he admits on the show – never loving before me.

Most certainly Paulbrey will be the show’s poster couple once the show airs, beginning June 14.The show’s Twitter account actually tweeted about the reconciliation soon after E!Here are the photos: Pauly D and Aubrey first met on the set of , a new E!reality series in which famous single people all live in a house together for a while with a relationship counselor. producers surely hoped for, some of the cast members were attracted to each other — like Aubrey and Pauly D.

Paulbrey broke the reconciliation news with their Instagram followers by each posting selfies of themselves in bed together.

Both Pauly D and Aubrey captioned their photos simply “goodnight,” implying that they are literally sleeping together now.


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