Paypal not updating in quicken

I also notice it will happen if I do not clear the entry by checking off the "Cleared" before making the split transaction entry.

GOOD = Remember to check, Cleared first = no Crash. It is really a nuisance and eats up too much time when the program decides it is going to start acting up again.

Or, I forget to cleared the entry before entering it.

With Intuit - Quicken my experience must have been a few years ago.

I'm a professional Registered Nurse and deal honestly and upfront, Quicken is deceitful and non-forthcoming. Sometimes you can go a whole week or day, but eventually it will crash when entering data.

I have noticed that it generally will happen when making split entries.


I am a retired CPA who owned a public accounting for 30 years. I am now trying to find a product for my daughter and another adult friend and am calling the Quicken line.I got someone who had no idea what a balance sheet was. They continually ask for document that have been told multiple time do not exist and after screaming at them and going above their head to be told they don't need it anyway.They don't take time to properly review a document until after they make you pay 500 for an appraisal (and then try to bill you more for the appraisal).


While I was upgrading a few years ago, they had intentionally made the tech issues in my Intuit - Quicken and left the flawed upgrade in my computer, the salesman had walked all over in my personal computer. But actually my Quicken had worked fine until the upgrading attempt. Because Intuit - Quicken has set up the troublesome tech mines in my balance sheet. So that I may get desperate, so that if or when I step back into my Intuit- Quicken balance sheet, I would have to call them for asking SOS rescue team.He intentionally had messed up my computer and had left me with such a mess in my bookkeeping. Right after that upgrade, I was told that and my computer has multiple tech issues. He had left "many tech issues" including copy machine as well. That upgrading must had taken at least 4-5 hours or even 6 hours for a few days, I remember. Today I have decided to test if the Intuit - Quicken has corrected their flawed messy balance sheet. To begin a new account, For instance depositing should end up with . But the Intuit - Quicken has different math system. But I had enough of their nonsense games with Intuit - Quicken already in the past that I had to make a adjustment in my balance sheet.


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