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I am also a wheelchair user due to an automobile accident I was in years ago. My life has been one of fascination with all things living. My work experience has been very interesting and I am glad I am not doing a lot of it anymore. I am an up-beat bubbly person and I have a beautiful smile.Travel, reading, caring for other people, loving my family, kids are a I AM CARING, LOVING, TRUTHFUL, ROMANTIC, I LOVE TO COOK, BBQ, I LIKE GATHERING ON OCCASIONS, FAMILY ORIENTED, LOVE TO TRAVEL, LIKE TO GO FOR WALK, EXERCISE ATLEASE 2X'S A WEEK, LIKE TO GO OUT TO RESTAURANT, THEN I LIKE THAT QUIET TIME AT HOME WITH SOME GOOD MUSIC, ENJOY ALL TYPE OF MUSIC- R&B, JAZZ, BLUES, CONTEMPORARY, OLD SCHOOL AND GOSPEL AS WELL. My green eyes sparkle when I am happy and fast to show tears when I am sad. I am a great dancer and love music and I bee-bop along to the lyrics of songs that keep the beat of my drum moving.I am independent, and free to pursue a relationship with only the expectations of knowing that the special someone in my life wants I am a 55 year old divorced female with a full and happy life.I am confident and independent, although I have vulnerabilities like everyone else and look for reassurance at times. To take walks , listen to music, watch movies and snuggle up to someone with whom I have these things in common. I am an attractive, professional, intelligent, independent business owner. I have a bubbly personality, sense of humor and a great smile. I am a real, down to earth, genuine, honest, full figured (not obese but I do have some meat on my bones!! Please be a Born Again Christian gentleman 62+, honest, kind, spontaneous, I am a very well woman taking no medicines or drugs, normal weight and very active. I am learning to write children's books and finding that great fun. I like most things in life and I like all people who are interesting and can laugh at themselves and do not think a mistake or failure is the end of the world, I want to meet the dreamer who makes things happen.I enjoy singing (professional & Karaoke), travel, dining out, writing, Bible and meeting people. I am also a graphic artist and working with my children to make beautiful carvings in egg shells, bone, horn, etc. I want to meet the one who needs a help-mate and will appreciate having her(ME). When the chips are down I get energized to do Hello my name is Nan and I am looking for a nice warm professional man who is honest and sincere and is not into game playing. Been a widow for eleven and miss the attention that a man can give. I'm looking for someone to give loving attention to and get some in return.


I like close relationships with people, and truly enjoy "playing on all 88 keys" with those I am close to.

I love intensity and depth in others, and I know that those are qualities that I have as well. I enjoy theater, movies, reading, dinner out with one friend or a small close group of people. I do not enjoy conflict and prefer talking things out no matter I'll be 52 in two weeks, which makes me a Taurus.


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    Stuart Leibowitz Chief Operating Officer Accredited Investment Fiduciary ® Registered Representative of Parkland Securities, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC Phone: 610-825-4066 Fax: 610-825-4625 E-mail: [email protected] practiced law for over 25 years, in 2001 Stuart decided to follow a passion he had for a very long time and switched to a financial services career.

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