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I should think the dynamic DNS servers would have a very low TTL for that [email protected] Thanks for the pointers - the problem is that the code on is not really explained, and there are a load of variables with no definition; and so I don't really know where to start with see what you get, and to lead you to working the rest of it out.One of the easiest ways to work with DNS programmatically is to use Perl’s Net:: DNS module, whether you’re looking up discrete records or transferring an entire zone.Here’s a short Perl script to transfer a zone specified on the command line and print the results: A more sophisticated script might require only the domain name of the zone, and would then look up the zone’s NS records to find its authoritative name servers.If you restrict zone transfers using TSIG, you can still use newer versions of Net:: DNS to sign zone transfer requests. I would like to become self-sufficient, and therefore do without services such as DNSDynamic and DYNDNS.And I don't like paying for services that I could do myself. But the problem is that my ISP (BT) does not offer consumers Static IP addresses.So here's the scenario - I have my main website hosted with a hosting company. I would like to have a subdomain of my main domain (which points to my main host) point to my home IP.

Remember that you can only transfer a zone from a name server authoritative for that zone, and only if said name server allows you to.

The one thing missing is authentication to the c Panel system - you may need to log on, get a cookie, and supply it to future calls.


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