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Luckily, I ran across Geoff Lane's Post: Build a Custom Validator in Grails with a Plugin In Chapter 2 Regular Expressions section of Beginning Groovy and Grails, we show using a regular expression to validate phone numbers.* * App Registration Config.groovy * * * This plugin is based upon the following posts: * * * * * @author Jim Shingler Shingler Jim at */class Phone Number Constraint extends Abstract Constraint { private static final String DEFAULT_MESSAGE_CODE = " Number.invalid.message"; public static final String NAME = "phone Number"; private boolean validate Constraint public void set Parameter(Object constraint Parameter) { if (!Grails contains really great Validators that you can use in your constraints. Well, now I had all of the parts required to make a Phone Number Custom Validator.But it is missing one that I need for a project I am working on, . Usage:import org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation. Abstract Constraintimport org.springframework.validation. Errors/** * Phone Number Constraint * * The phone number constraint is used to validate phone number formats * * Registering the Constraint.* * The core logic of the constraint is implemented as its own method to make the * constraint easier to test. \s*(\d{3})[\.-](\d{4})$/ }}The real work is in the validate function.*/ boolean validate(target, property Value) { property Value ==~ /^[01]? As you can see, creating a custom constraint is really pretty easy.


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