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Sony is different in all camera for me it is the best cause the quality of the image is in a good and perfect cause it has a nice effect that can fit to the shots. Read more Magandang tanghali, kahit ang init ngayon sa labas ay gusto ko pa rin naman mag kuha ng mga litrato na gusto kasi may magaganda pa din namang tanawin sa ilalim ng init ng araw. Read more its display and design it was my social camera very much attractive and I like it the most.

its image quality has a good quality and has a clear result and the effect is nice so I love using it.

Made up of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is home to the world’s richest diversity of tropical marine life.

The island chain supports more than 500 species of coral and 2,000 species of fish, making it a biodiversity hotspot and an important location for scientific research.

Line is in the building - Less than 10 minutes Line is to the back corner - About 15 minutes Line goes around the back corner - More than 20 minutes Where is my Beef?

Dear Valued Phil’s BBQ Fan, We are currently experiencing shortages on our Beefy Ribs from our supplier.

While there are other beef rib options available, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality products and are unwilling to jeopardize that quality and the consistency that you expect as a fan of Phil’s BBQ.

Thank you for your patronage, and please feel free to ask for any of our managers on duty should you have any questions.



This exhibit replicates some of the diversity found in this vital marine resource.

Although corals are tiny organisms, they construct some of the largest and most ecologically important structures in the world.


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