Philips gogear always updating


Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

The code is pretty insane (I'm no coder), I don't know if it can be simplified - if you are able to I would like to see it.

Works with Submitter: Andrew Furlani Submitted: 2015-06-05 Downloaded 3810 times Description: This is a variation on uni_lt theme by Peter Wang.

Submitter: William Wilgus Submitted: 2016-10-25 Downloaded 161 times Description: Something resembling the While Playing Screen of the Clip+ original firmware Update: -Follows battery meter numeric/graphic directive of user -Fixed some flickering graphics Update 2: -Added viewports for volume, -Fixed battery icon, -Numeric Battery level shows on volume change Update 3:-Optimized ram usage, -Added Lock Icon, -Battery icon more accurate, -optimized viewport code, -shrunk repeat icon Works with Submitter: Ivan Kuleshov Submitted: 2016-10-01 Downloaded 247 times Description: Based on EXPANDER by Tomek Szelągowski.

Replaced digital battery indicator with the graphic volume indicator. New in this version: fix the shuffle indicator not displaying.

Works with Submitter: Ludovic Jakimon Submitted: 2016-04-17 Downloaded 19417 times Description: v1.14 - Full theme WPS + SBS + FMS. Features: Accurate numeric and graphical battery indicator, graphical volume bar, mini-player in the menus, file codec and bitrate display, 12 or 24h clock etc.... Works with Submitter: James Lokken Submitted: 2015-08-19 Downloaded 3796 times Description: Used images from sweet and some images and code from sweetness, and probably others which I now can't remember.

Feel free to let me know and i'll update in the description.


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