Pisces and dating

Not that Pisces is dishonest, it’s just that reality shifts and buckles more in his undersea world.

A social butterfly and anything but constant, Pisces is apt to wriggle out of your net; but he’s also a sentimental fool, so grand gestures of romance can get him hopping aboard your boat.

Don’t tell Pisces, but he has a reputation for being flighty and unpredictable.

Actually, go ahead and tell him, he’ll probably be daydreaming about something else entirely.

Even still, he’ll deny his signature, and the worst part is, he will actually believe it was forged, even if you saw him chisel it yourself.

Highly creative and emotionally savvy, Pisces will often apply this creativity to the truth, so take promises with a grain of saltwater.

Many Pisces have a tendency to date down, which is either fortunate or not, depending on how you view your own worthiness.

If you cast your line for Pisces, be sure to steer clear of the murky swamps where bottom feeders roam.


Nevertheless, many Pisceans can and do devote a lifetime to a partner, so long as they’ve found someone who enjoys juggling a bundle of contradictions.

He might seem flaky to some, but is also a deeply sensitive and nurturing soul, much more in tune with the heart than the mind.



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