Pitcher piano birmingham speed dating

Winne piwnice otwarte będą w piątek w godzinach – oraz w sobotę w godz.

Wspólnie z właścicielami winnic przygotowaliśmy dla Państwa rekordowych 152 urokliwych piwnic, w których będziecie mogli delektować się smakiem szlachetnych, regionalnych win.

We have exclusive use of the upstairs champagne bar / restaurant area for our events.



Continental style coffee bar during the day and upmarket late bar at night the management of Society have created a sophisticated and stylish environment that is also a top party venue.This makes it ideal for Fastlove speed dating events, which are held in the upstairs bar.Set on the river bank just off Coney street, Revolution is one of the hottest bars in York and provides a fabulous location for our events.We have exclusive use of the upstairs bar for our speed daters.

The Pitcher amd Piano is now THE place to be on the waterfront in York.

With brilliant views along the Ouse, it's the ideal location to enjoy a drink al fresco overlooking the river.



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