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If no argument is passed to the .index() method, the return value is an integer indicating the position of the first element within the j Query object ...

Annual trade exhibition for the textile, furniture and interior design and manufacturing industries. Home - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship Provides subscription information for bi-monthly magazine promoting free speech . .index() | j Query API Documentation Return Values.


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    Best wishes, Yavorthe Telerik team Hi Fabio, Two sample project presenting how to update/insert records having Rad Date Picker editors in template columns you can find in this section of our knowledge base: believe that they will help you address the problem you are facing. Do you have complete package sample of manual insert/update/delete with dropdownlist and datepicker?

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    Re also read the list with a routine basis to refresh the memory in why you aren't such an important great man! So i'm not much for the purpose of physical activities Trinidadian dating site and state policies, but once you'd like to rant, I'm going to be very happy to listen.

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    We're not "standing against science" in stating this - in fact we're the ones, though in the minority today, who are making the distinctions between bad evolutionary science (to prop up a particular religious belief system: atheism) and good, reliable science. pulsars, also called neutron stars, are collapsed stars ... 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on 12th February 2009 ... an anti-creationist cloud also began to settle down upon us as our host (a retired professor of biology) set out his stall by injecting a deprecating reference to creationists ...

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    When our "singles" become "couples" the energy of two is much more powerful than one and they oftentimes continue on to do great work for the world together.

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    I personally use -apk just in case the app isn't available in the Market, so that I don't have to go hunt it down again. This flag is used to "enable/disable backup of the device's shared storage / SD card contents; the default is noshared.", which for the Nexus I would certainly flag to -shared, but from my test, it did not restore all of the contents of my internal storage, so I recommend backing up music, pictures, video, and other internal storage items manually, just to be on the safe side. This flag is just an easy way to say to backup ALL apps.

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