Place for dating in malaysia

It really is gorgeous, and makes for the perfect setting for a romantic dining experience with your significant other.

Considering the price of the food, you may feel like it doesn’t live up to your expectations, but trust me you can never go wrong with signature dishes like Escargots, Burgundy Beef Cheek and Chocolate Molten Cake with Ice Cream. Set in a converted three-storey bungalow, Maison Francaise is another French restaurant that promises great ambiance with top quality French food.

If you and your partner are big eaters, then perhaps a buffet spread is more suited for you.

From fine dining to more casual restaurants, there’s a place for everyone to have fun, be lovey dovey or simply have a delicious lunch or dinner.

Psst, friends and family are loved ones too, no one’s judging.


Their Peking Duck and Durian Pancakes are customer favourites, while the decor keeps things classy.

The laidback setting also means you can enjoy your date without worrying too much about table manners.

Café Café is a French restaurant serving food that are claimed to be authentically French.

Their interior is furnished in a way that would make you feel like you’ve been transported to Paris!

You can opt to have your meal at the verandah, the top floor, or by the pool. French classics like foie gras, scallop and lamb are great choices to opt for.Admittedly prices here can be a bit hefty, but I think it’s nice to treat your bae once in awhile, no?


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