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Setting up the Oracle JInitiator plug-in Installing Oracle JInitiator on your server Adding Oracle JInitiator markup to your base HTML file Oracle JInitiator tags for a base HTML file Customizing the Oracle JInitiator download file Configuring Runtime Operation of Oracle JInitiator Modifying the heap size for Oracle JInitiator Viewing Oracle JInitiator output Controlling JAR Caching Operations The Download Progress Dialog Progress Dialog Parameters An Example HTML Page using the Progress Dialog AS Forms Services applications directly within Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer on the Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0, and Windows XP platforms.Oracle JInitiator is implemented as a plug-in (Netscape Navigator) or Active X Object (Microsoft Internet Explorer).clsid: CAFECAFE-0013-0001-0022-ABCDEFABCDEF To specify the use of Oracle JInitiator in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Object tag in the page must contain the CLASSID specified above.If the objects tags do not specify the exact CLASSID for this release, it will not be launched.Oracle JInitiator allows you to specify the use of the Oracle certified Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on web clients instead of relying on the default JVM provided by the browser.Oracle JInitiator delivers several key benefits to enterprises deploying Oracle9 application/x-jinit-applet;version= A version specific MIME type has been added, application/x-jinit-applet;version= which provides the administrator with the ability to explicitly specify the Oracle JInitiator as the version to be used.

Please consult corresponding documentation from for supported browsers.** Oracle JInitiator has been shown (by both internal testing and the absence of any customer reported issues) not to be sensitive to any particular version of Netscape 4.7.x.If Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have this version installed, it will download and install it for the user.* Although JInitiator is certified on Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0.Oracle JInitiator is automatically downloaded to a client machine from the application server the first time the client web browser encounters an HTML file that specifies the use of Oracle JInitiator.

It is therefore certified for use against all versions from 4.7.x onwards.

Currently we test Oracle JInitiator on Netscape 4.78 and will continue to install and test against the latest version of Netscape 4.7.x .


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