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Our Check in time is and we should be directed to line up shortly after that. Please look for us either on the stairs of the Rogers Building between - or in staging area F.This is the 5th time our polyamory group will be marching in Toronto’s hugely attended annual Pride Parade!We strongly urge all members to make their own banners to carry as well.Please look through our photo album of previous years for some great ideas: Pride March 2012!The parade will go roughly until 6PM, but from previous experience we know it may go a bit later so we suggest those of you coming out not make plans right after. You may wear whatever disguise or costume you wish!In fact the official Pride info encourages us to go all out in terms of costumes & display!5th Annual Polyamory Toronto involvement in Toronto Pride Parade Eva will be on the steps of the Rogers building at to meet those interested in marching with Polyamory Toronto.The Rogers Building is located on the south side of Bloor Street, just east of Ted Rogers Way.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to spread the polyamory message!, Pride March 2013, World Pride March 2014 and Pride 2015.If you are a proud believer in polyamory/ ethical non-monogamy/ open relationships and support LGBTTIQQ2SA initiatives, this is an opportunity to show your pride!Come one, come many and let us make our poly pride a success!!

We have two banners with our group name and logo and various other banners with supported poly sayings on them for others to carry.

We will also have red and blue umbrellas for people to carry; these colours support our logo and will unify us as a group.



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    Nur Premium-Mitglieder können die Webcams der anderen Nutzer sehen.

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    The editable calendar is honestly a lifesaver for keeping me on track of multiple schedules. Download the 2013-2014 School Year Calendar Not only can you add your own text to these beauties you can also change the font, size and color!

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