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Closer to the day of, we spent an entire day painting every branch white and glittery!

Some date nights were spent making paper flowers for aisle decor, and on other nights we got matching shoes and Mod Podged our favorite colors onto them for another splash of color.

We decided to not have a dinner reception, but rather a selection of fruits and cream due to the number of allergies in our guest list.

The guest list itself was another interesting project.

Tell us about the ceremony: Our entrance music was Emilie Autumn's "On a Day," and our officiants read the following: I'd like to welcome you to a most unusual wedding.

In our society today, no wedding is really "normal." Our polyglot nation has blended together so many ideas of what it means to be married, and how one goes about doing it, that there is truly no one true way to structure a marriage ceremony.

We went to Na Hoku and picked out tanzanite rings together.We found all our gowns in the clearance section of David's Bridal, and added our own bursts of personality (read COLOR! We spent several date nights searching the woods for tree branches to use as decorations.



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