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Dating and Relationships · Polyfidelity · Bisexual Polyamory · Alternatives to Marriage · Social · Open Relationships · Alternative Lifestyles · What is Polyamory?

· Polyamory and Open Relationships · Polyamory · Responsible Non-monogamy · Ethical Non-Monogamy · Bisexual and Lesbian Polyamorous The Seattle Polyamory Meetup group is the original, all-inclusive social group for those who identify as polyamorous, who practice ethical non-monogamy, or even as poly-friendly.

Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, religion, economic factors, or body ability. The most basic definition of polyamory is one of “many loves”. There are many ways of practicing polyamory, and no one way is the “right” way, but polyamorists tend to agree that their relationships are based upon the tenets of open communication, honesty, and respect for themselves and their partners. Polyamory is NOT engaging in relationships (sexual or otherwise) without the knowledge and consent of your partner(s).

Polyamory does not promote or excuse “cheating” or other unethical behavior. The Poly Social Meetup that happens at the Wayward Coffeehouse every second Tuesdays is primarily a social event.

People use it as an opportunity to hang out and chat with others about a variety of topics.

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You obviously have a very long association with polyamory, sex education and the BDSM scene, could[…] Marina Cantacuzino the founder of the Forgiveness Project explores learning to forgive when relationships expand or end.

Beth had been happily married for 13 years when she met, David, a divorced father of two who[…] When people who have previously been single or in a monogamous relationship become poly they often find that most of their time and energy is taken up by their relationships, which can leave them very[…] For the first interview in our author series we are talking to Pete Benson, the author of The Polyamory Handbook.

Recently, three men on three separate occasions tried to shame me for how I choose to express my sexuality, saying that I would never find anyone because basically I was[…] When did you first identify as non-monogamous/polyamorous and what led you to this point?

When my second marriage ended I began taking a look at this whole idea of monogamous marriage and the nuclear family.[…] For the second interview in the series we are talking to Dossie Easton, the author of The Ethical Slut.

As part of Polyamory UK’s support of freedom or speech, sexual expression, and anti-censorship principles today I am speaking with veteran activist Jerry Barnett from the Sex & Censorship group.To begin the interview I would[…] Having your cake…AND eating it!



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