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On Wednesday, Glu Games launched a new mobile game for i Phone and Android, featuring pop star, Britney Spears.The game allows players to design and name a character whose goal is to become a A-list pop star.Don't go inside any buildings, just explore the outside area and tap on anything you see.Soon you should find objects that give you money, experience or energy points.But becoming the next Britney Spears takes a lot of energy and hard work.From engaging an agent to landing a record label while having to constantly push out and promote your new singles, it doesn’t take long to realize how important gaining energy, B-Gem diamonds and new contacts are to getting ahead in the game.You can buy B-Gem diamonds with real-world cash, then purchase more energy, but no one wants to do that.After playing a few of these quests, here are some tricks we discovered for getting more energy during the game.2) Tap on everything at a location - Each location you visit has some objects that give you goodies when you tap on them.


Once you work your way through the initial gameplay, you’ll receive different energy quests and objectives that require using energy bolts.

Those refill about every 15 minutes, so when you are doing a quest, it's a good idea to walk outside every 15-20 and tap on stuff for extra energy and other goodies.

These quests include going on dates, singing at different venues, attending parties – just the kind of stuff aspiring pop singers would do.

Each quest lasts a certain amount of time –most of them a couple of hours or more.

During that time, your goal is to earn as many stars, martini glasses or hearts – depending on the type of activity it is -- as you can by tapping on different activities related to the mission.But these activities cost energy, which is really hard to come by in this game – even harder than it was in Kendall and Kylie.



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