Porschla coleman dating jason kidd


Well he athletes with all that chick magnet magic, which means they often come up big with the ladies..life in general.

It's just that some tend to come up bigger than others. Here are some coaches that are married to beautiful women—some are even stone cold foxes that are University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops met his wife Carol while they were both at the University of Iowa.

The college sweethearts have been married for nearly two decades and today they have three teenage children. Those kids are definitely lucky because they've got some pretty good genes.

Bob and Carol are both in their 50's, but could easily pass for 10-years younger.

That being said, coaches do pretty well for themselves when it comes to landing a wife.

After their free-wheeling bachelor days, often as professional athletes themselves, most eventually quickly decide to settle down and start a family. The boss can't be out picking up chicks with the men he's in charge of.

He met his wife Vickie while they were attending Missouri Western.



Hopefully that's not the kind of thing that skips a generation.Oh, and Bob isn't the only breadwinner in the family.



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