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They have told me that whenever they tell someone about their illness the person will eventually stop dating them.Unlike other niche STD dating sites, this site includes health conditions such as diabetes, heart ailments, obesity, epilepsy, blindness, etc. The site is completely free and has garnered a lot of media attention since its launch. This progressive site doesnt even need a user profile created to search and browse the site.What initially started as a site that catered to 11 diseases has now expanded into a comprehensive site for all singles with special health conditions - with new diseases and dietary restrictions being added every day. Prescription4love hopes to be a haven for all singles with debilitating diseases or special health needs - to meet, find comfort without the awkwardness of a regular dating process.This article is written and distributed by - All Copyrights apply - Reprinting this article without permission is strictly prohibited Article Source: If you are suffering from an illness that makes it difficult for you to date, you might want to consider a dating website for health conditions.Free membership: Currently membership is completely free with no restrictions on usage.Premium Membership: Free Prescription4Love was created by Ricky Durham in 2003, to help his brother who was suffering from Crohns disease.Meeting someone that already knows you have an illness and/or has a health condition themselves, means that you can put that intimidating discussion to the side and focus on what really matters, getting to know each other's true self.


The health information on the site is pretty exhaustive with detailed articles that inform you about what to expect when dating someone with a particular health condition.Since the site is completely free the members are not required to add a photo, but a valid email id is necessary to sign up as a free member.


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