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Feel free to write I am especially interested in company openings & closings, cigar-related disasters, market changes, statistics, laws relevant to cigars, labor activity, and riots that you can authentically date from early sources, letterheads, newspaper stories, etc.



they are sold at “cheap refreshment stalls, lager beer saloons, and low groceries.” The more pretentious domestic cigars are made of the best domestic tobaccos carefully handled, perhaps with a little Havana added. Next are those made of Havana filler wrapped in Connecticut wrapper. All havana cigars made here sell for 15¢ to 50¢ and are as good as those made in Cuba.Cuban cigars can be found as cheap as 15¢, but good ones cost 25¢ to .00.This is the 2nd of three important Connecticut cigar tobaccos.Continued experimentation sponsored by both federal and state governments soon led to better quality cigar tobacco growing in MA, NY, PA, MD, OH and WI.1873 Entrepreneur Francis Korbel and brothers Anton and Joseph in business in San Francisco (F. They eventually owned a sawmill, published THE WASP, and established Korbel winery. 1875 The New York Times: “From the fine gentlemen who buy their cigars at Delmonicos, or get them direct from the importers, down to the little barefoot boys in the streets, who buy their smokes from the Chinamen at the corner or pick up the stumps that are thrown away, all smoke.”1875 British Parliament passed the Trade Marks Act which, among other things, stopped British cigar makers from labeling all their cigars as being Havanas.

Technology involving small or large growers, makers, wholesalers and retailers is also of interest.

When possible, please include a low res jpg photograph or scan of your source material.


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