Private text adult pics

"A guy texted, ' Send me a photo of your boobs,'" recalls Rachel, now a seventeen-year-old junior in a suburb of Boston.

She didn't ("I drew a picture and was like, ' Here they are!

Ever sent a private picture or poorly judged text message to someone in error? Cover Me even allow you to embed a ‘self-destruct’ into messages. Never worry again about private messages being spread around or stored!

Simply send out a remote wipe instruction to remove it! ◆ Encrypted Phone Calls, Secure SMSRegular phone calls and SMS are delivered across unprotected phone networks and can be intercepted without your knowledge.

Even if your device is lost or left unattended, your private information is absolutely safe.

Cover Me uses encrypted data connection to transmit phone calls, messages, and photos and videos.With high level encryption, no one – not even engineers of this company can intercept your calls and messages.


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