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User-Experience Not only that Bonga Cams was launched in 2012, but they keep working on the site so that the members could have the best user experience possible.

The member area is a modern one, with all the browsing and filtering options needed for good navigation.

Webcam Models As said in the introduction of this review, Bonga Cams is a Russian cam site, and the models are mostly from that part of the world.

You will be able to have web sex with models from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland and Hungary, but you will also find models from other parts of the world.

Amateurs Cams from Eastern Europe Bonga Cams is up for review today on Best Cam, and the first thing I noticed when I registered on this site was the multitude of camgirls from Russia and Eastern Europe.

It loads fast, it’s up and running all the time, and it’s free of malware.

Besides that, the site comes in no less than 35 languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and even Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew.


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