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This includes Red Alert (high-risk criteria), which deploys an official pattern release, and Yellow Alert (medium-risk criteria), which makes a pattern release available for download.Needless to say, Trend Micro makes sure that you're protected.You then enter that and it assigns a new one to you for installation.After that's complete, PC-cillin checks for new updates and installs them, and then places an icon in the taskbar and asks you to reboot. You can customize how often you want certain things scanned, if you want the program to watch the Web and Web-based email for you, if you want it to automatically check your e-mail for virii, and more.I did an online scan and found a virus on a friend's computer. Price: USURL: they failed last year's Virus test, they don't have much of a track record.The best part, though, is once it's installed it just sits there quietly and watches over your system.Then when new updates are available it prompts you to update with its Outbreak Alert.I've been playing with anti-virus programs for years now.

PC-cillin is definitely worth the price, and if you want to see if you have a virus on your computer right now you can use Trend Micro's free online scanner called House Call.

That's actually how I got turned on to the company. The anti-virus portion by itself is worth the purchase, but there's a lot more available in the install.

You then enter the serial number that came with the software and it enters the license key.

If you ever have to re-install the software you can enter your e-mail address on the company's Web page and support will send you your old license key.

Lately I've been using Trend Micro's PC-cillin.

It's unbelievably easy to use, and I don't even realize it's there until I get hit with a virus. It then scans the computer's memory and offers to install just the regular components, anti-virus for your Pocket PC, Palm, or EPOC-based device, wireless anti-virus, and even a personal firewall for both wired and wireless computers. When it finishes installing it wants to register–you NEED to register in order to get the latest anti-virus update.


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