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Anyways, get into the game with controller plugged in and try out the buttons and analog sticks.Left stick should be movement, right stick should be camera control as usual. The files you get from it go into "\TERA\Client\Binaries". Using a program that maps your keyboard to a controller (like xpadder) might be your only recourse, but it will probably conflict with the controls the game already thinks it is getting.This is for people who feel daunted or overwhelmed with the sheer number of hotkeys TERA uses, and trying to bind them to a controller in a way where playing it isn't insane.This guide explains how and what you can really do with a controller for the game.I will also always denote buttons in the order of 360/PS3.) Have your controller plugged in and get in-game.Press Back/Select to open the config menu for the controller. One modeled on a Xbox 360 controller, or one modeled on a Playstation Dual Shock 2/3 controller.


(Please note, I will refer to the X button on a PS3 controller by it's official notation of Cross to avoid confusion with the 360 controller's X button, as X on a 360 is Square on a PS3.Complete with tips and advice to better ease you into using a controller in-game. If you're reading this guide, it's because you wish to use a controller (specifically one similar in style to what the title mentions, or just a straight up 360 controller) with TERA, but don't know how you could possibly manage it with all those hotkeys being needed.I will preface this with the following: This game was designed to natively support Xbox 360 controllers.If everything does not match up, don't fret, you may have another option. You may want to backup the original xinput1_3file it will otherwise ask to replace. When you run the exe to configure it, tell it you want xinput rather than direct input. Please Note: If you're trying to use an actual PS3 controller, you'll have to get your computer to even recognize it in the first place before trying to get it to work with TERA.


I believe Motion In Joy is the program you'll want to use.

If that doesn't work, open the Chat and type in /controller. TYPE1 is 360 TYPE2 is PS3 This option actually does nothing mechanically.


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