Ps3 not updating games


Most users are experiencing hang-ups at various intervals of the download, with almost nobody over 60% completed even after three hours of downloading. But it moved 2% in the past hour,” said papercamm on Neo GAF. [UPDATE 9/8 PM PST] We originally reported that only Xbox One users were experiencing issues with the download as that console was predominately what we were seeing complaints for.

It now appears that every console — PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 — are experiencing similar difficulties.

I got my Heavy Rain update failed and thus my PS3 lost 1 GB permanently.

The much anticipated Destiny 2.0.0 update hit today and brings with it a bevy of new content for fans.

Included is a raised level cap to 34, refined stats and tweaks to practically every weapon in the game.

Unfortunately, however, Xbox and Play Station owners alike have been experiencing major issues with the download. Download’s frozen again at 36% The only fix so far seems to be to do a hard reset of your console and modem/router, which is allowing the download to continue, although the speeds are still incredibly low and at the time of writing nobody has been able to fully download the update yet.

Anyway, before I do, what changes with this update?


I sent a message to Playstation support, no response so far, I've tried calling them, it keeps saying that the hotline is offline at the moment. Please help me, it's really frustrating, I had BF3 before and I could download the 1.01 update just fine, but I don't know what happened now..


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