Puerto rican sex chat

Not only had I mastered proper Spanish, but the slang vocab also (Jerga) of Puerto Rico & The Dominican Republic.

Frankly, it’s not that you need to know some Spanish in order to bang Latinas. Whenever I go to Spanish bars, I would literally blow non-Spanish speaking guys out the fucking water!

[Llamas pronounced Yamas] 3.) Te ves bien [pronounced Tay Ves Beyen] •You look good. 9.) Me gusta mas [Me pronounced May] •I like it a lot 10.) Dale Mami [pronounced Da-Lay] • It’s like saying “let me see what you got”. If you’re into Spanish chicks: Mexicans, Dominicans, Brazilians (although they speak Portuguese, almost all of them are near fluent in Spanish), make it easy on yourself.

6.) Oye chula [pronounced O-yay] •Whats up stylish girl 7.) Suave mamita. 8.) Date prisa [pronounced Da-tay] •Hurry up please!

5.) Quiero hanguear [pronounced Kaydo Han-gay-yar] •I wanna hang out with you. These work well if you just want to banter and talk shit with a Latina. She will be impressed and astonished all together, wondering how do you know Spanish!

[Pronounced Di-may-low] •Talk to me girl,what’s up!? Grab a pen and pad to jot down the few phrases so you can learn them.

[Pronounced as meh-tay and man-o] •Get involved [as in telling the Dominican girl to get into the conversational mood] 5.) Con quien andas? They also work great as openers/ice-breakers to initiate the conversation. Now if you were an obvious Latin-looking guy, she may get offended😉 #Just Saying However, since you’re not a native-Spanish speaker, they will pardon you and instead be impressed than offended.

L’atelier intègre : la lecture publique d’extraits ; une proposition d’écriture brève ; la lecture des résultats produits sur la page ; des échanges sur ces textes et plus largement sur l’enjeu de la proposition ; une approche critique de l’ouvrage et sa discussion.



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