Quicken bank of america not updating

You provide your OLB credentials and it does the rest.Another option is to login to OLB yourself and from the Account Details page download a Quicken Web Connect file and then manually import that one account into Quicken (or QB).You can call the bank's support line to request enrollment or to confirm if you are/are not setup for the same, or self enroll for Quicken via https://Do a search on the bank's site for "quicken direct connect," follow the link to "Quicken & Quick Books Frequently Asked Questions" and then to link "Enrolling in Online Banking through Quicken Direct Connect."Thanks, Sincerely, Aaron D Lewis EFTX Direct Connect App Manager Bank of America Seattle, WA Without Direct Connect, Quicken and Quick Books both can use web connect express to effectively screen scrape your accounts from the banks OLB site on your behalf.


All of these URL's return HTTP 400 errors...https://ofx.bankofamerica.com/cgi-forte …ename=bofahttps://ofx.bankofamerica.com/cgi-forte … gename=ofxhttps://ofx.bankofamerica.com/cgi-forte … ename=bofa Bank of America has completed a planned systems update for accounts opened in California.



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