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(3,657)You’re Gay Quinn Fabray Rated T: noothernames There were a lot of things that Judy Fabray could put up with in life. (1,494)My Blobs of Pink Happiness Rated T: Els Bells Quinn brings baby Beth to the high school carnival, where they run into Rachel Berry.

(1,622)I’ll Be Watching You Rated K+: Zippy DA screwball account of how Quinn and Rachel wind up with matching hers and hers calendars.

(7,638)Just a Shirt Rated K+: Trip Up Stairs Rachel thinks of Finn at times, but there’s a shirt from NYADA in her room waiting to be given to her significant someone with a tag that reads size small and not extra-large. (785)Before I Go Rated K+: Nei Lengi Before Quinn sets off to New Haven, she contemplates whether or not she should tell Rachel how she really feels.

At the last minute, there’s no way Quinn can just leave without saying anything. (8,948)Von Trapped Rated T: ellmo82Over the summer Quinn realises she might just have feelings for Rachel Berry.

Will Rachel finally open her eyes and see what’s been in front of her the whole time or will she continue to be blindsided by her fiance? (3,067)It Begins With Bacon And Ends With A Kiss Rated T: Brio Scotty And Other Stuff. the only way she can think to win her over is with the lyrics of her favourite song.

(1,742)Unforgettable Rated T: Insaneantics21A Broadway reject, Rachel enters the world of entry-level work and realizes it’s a lot like high school. (9,421)Surprise Rated T: Ferry Berry Quinn keeps kissing Rachel. (10,514)Question of Fact Rated T: roxystyle011The glee club is convinced something is going on between Rachel and Quinn…they have a lot of evidence. (21,894)What I Know Rated T: roxystyle011Finn was right, Quinn really doesn’t feel anything anymore…except for when it comes to Rachel.

Now, if only Rachel could get her to talk to her…(3,880)Benefits Rated T: Ferry Berry What does it mean to be friends with benefits? (4,221)Cheesy Lines, No Waiting Rated T: The Second Evil Each member of the Glee Club tries to chat up Rachel with a cheesy line.

(6,530)Quinn’s Second Time Rated T: Stix04Quinn is ready to try alcohol for the second time, will drinking with Rachel lead to repeating another second?(7,620)Mirror, Mirror Rated T: Stix04When Quinn looks in the mirror, who does she see? (63,151)Monday Rated T: blairdrof Quinn Fabray has detached herself from everyone and changed her appearance radically, and Rachel is determined to find out exactly why. Rated T: Insaneantics21Quinn attempts to woo Rachel with advice from Puck, Santana, and Brittany.



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