Rabbi deyo speed dating


Because of the limited time to interact, it is important that there should be a reasonable degree of compatibility between the couples for there to be any chance of a match.

To determine their suitability beforehand, the participants are given a survey involving a number of questions and only those who are deemed to be even mildly compatible are arranged to meet in the same session.

If there is a match, contact information is then forwarded to both parties.

Rules generally do not permit contact information to be traded during the initial meeting, in order to reduce pressure, especially on women, to accept or reject a potential suitor to their face.

ABSTRACTSpeed dating has become big business as the new alternative on the dating scene compared to meeting in bars, attending social events or using online dating services.

At the end of each rotation interval there is a signal, often the ringing of a bell or the clinking of a glass, to motion the participants to move on to the next 'date'.

Almost always it is the male that moves, while the women remain at the same table throughout the entire process.

When the entire event is completed, usually no longer than two hours in all, participants submit to the organisers a list of those to whom they are happy to provide their contact details.

Speed dating events usually require advance registration, typically an online prepayment by credit card.


This research shows how binary logistic regression can be used to help any speed dating organisation determine whether a couple are compatible and even provide a probability that they will be a match.Keywords: speed dating, logistic regression, compatibility1. INTRODUCTIONSpeed dating is a formal matchmaking process or dating system where the purpose is to seek out potential romantic partners over the course of a single event involving a brief face-on-face meeting.



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