Rabbi wolpe dating

Scholars have assumed that passage implies Ramesis was the pharoah of the Exodus.

Evidence for an earlier city, though, named Avaris with extensive Semitic habitation, primarily shepherds, is strong.

Each has their say and is presented in a respectable light, Dennis Prager notes in the panel, so that the viewer gets to hear all sides.

David Rohl (an agnostic who nevertheless believes in the historicity of the Exodus story) explains to Mahoney that the name used in Exodus is an anachronism written by a later editor for the sake of readers who would have been familiar with Raamses but not with the earlier city name.

What the film achieves is giving a wider visibility to the conservative view.

A new documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” undergirds the early date for the Exodus affirmed by conservative Bible scholars.

Tim Mahoney’s documentary “Patterns of Evidence” was shown January 19th at selected theaters across the United States.

Twelve years in the making, the film looks at how six essential events of the Exodus story (migration of Hebrews into Egypt, their expansion, their enslavement, the plagues, the sudden escape, and the conquest of Canaan) fall into sequence or pattern with strong archaeological support – provided scholars are willing to question the traditional dating.

By moving the pattern approximately 200 years earlier into the Middle Kingdom period, the data fit remarkably well.

Mahoney presents himself as a seeker who wants to know for the sake of his own faith whether the events described in the Bible are true.

He interviews notable scholars on both sides, from Israel Finkelstein the skeptic, to Hoffmeier the centrist, to Bryant Wood the conservative, and a number of others.



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