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We brought other people in.” Kauffman’s writing partner, David Crane, goes on to explain, “We brought everybody in.We were so sure that Chandler would be the easiest part to cast. It’s sarcastic and kind of quippy, but no one could do it. There was something Snidely Whiplash about Craig Bierko,” says Littlefield.They say, “Try this,” and “This would be funny.” And she said, ‘You guys, feel free to tell me.If I could do anything funnier, I want to do it.’ There’s a code with actors.No one.” The closest they got was Craig Bierko, who, Kauffman explains, they later found out had been coached by Perry. “He seemed to have a lot of anger underneath, more of a guy you love to hate.


Some people thought the show was too Gen X, way too narrow.”“It was a fascinating casting experience,” says Marta Kauffman on casting the pilot. One of the first actors on our list was Matthew Perry to play Chandler, but he was doing a show called [a Fox pilot about baggage handlers in the year 2194], so he wasn’t available.We decided that, week after week, that would be a lovelier place to go to.” Cox did have competition, though, explains former head of casting at NBC, Lori Openden: “Nancy Mc Keon, from , also read for Courteney’s part.



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