Radio 1 dj dating Latinsex chat

Nick Grimshaw, the new host of Radio 1’s flagship breakfast show, has spoken about his sexuality for the first time in an in-depth interview to the Guardian newspaper.The 28-year-old presenter was happy to confirm that he is indeed gay and also admitted that he would “really like” to go out with US R&B singer Frank Ocean.Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online at Radio 1's Big Weekend, Scott said: "I want to do it and get married, yeah."However the 41-year-old isn't sure he will ever ready to be a father explaining how being a married man would be enough for him.Scott said: "I'm not sure about kids as well though."I think just marriage for now. I think I'd like a massive camp wedding and then a big magazine deal."The popular presenter has just landed a new contract with Radio 1, securing another two years at the BBC radio station.Grimshaw also rejects the idea of their being an intriguing age gap in their friendship. Like, we went out to dinner with all my friends whose ages range from 45 to 30, and also my brother Andy, who’s 42, and a real blokey Man United fan and he [Andy] said, ‘He’s all right, that kid.’ He can hold his own.” Grimshaw also claims he has still never had a serious relationship – but wants that to change.

I can't imagine having children really."When pushed as to why he would rule out kids he blamed his hectic lifestyle, explaining: "I don't think it would be fair because I'm so all over the place all the time."This week I've been out to Vienna and now back to Norwich alone so I don't think that would be fair on kids. But don't get your hat out just yet – the former Strictly Come Dancing star isn't planning on putting a ring on it for a good few years yet."It's not on my agenda right now," he added.Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw says he previously slept with a girlfriend at university because he thought being gay was a phase.


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