Radiometric dating activity pennies


How long it takes for ½ of the original Head-up Parent Pennies to decay? How long it takes for ¼ of the original Head-up Parent Pennies to decay? How long it takes for 1/8 This entry was posted on Monday, December 12th, 2011 and is filed under Half Life Explanation.

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When radioactive atoms decay, they release electrons, protons, and neutrons at a constant rate.

Cover the container and shake for about ten seconds (each shake represents 8500 years), holding it tightly to avoid them flying out. Next, remove all the pennies which are now “tails-up.” Count these and put them aside.


The distribution, morphology, and genetics of living populations all provide evidence for evolution, but the complete picture cannot be understood by the study of living population alone.

The origin of major new structures and body plans can be studied through the archive of evolution, the fossil record.


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