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This will leads to further more insights on the cooling history and tectonic activities in the research area. (2009): Reproducibility of apatite fission-track length data and thermal history reconstruction, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 284 (2009), 504-515.To understand the evolution of the passive continental margin in Argentina apatite fission track dating is an appropriate method, which will lead to new conclusions in this area. (2007): Improved modeling of fission-track annealing in apatite, American Mineralogist, 92, 789-798. The Tandilia System, also called Sierras Septentrionales, is located south of the Río de la Plato Craton in eastern Argentina in the state of Buenos Aires. 275-314, Mineralogical Society of America/Geochemical Society, Chantilly, Virginia. North of the hills Salado basin is orientated whereas the Claromeó basin is located south of the mountain range.


The igneous-metamorphic basement is pre-proterozoic in age build up of mainly granitic-tonalitic gneisses, migmatites, amphibolites, some ultramafic rocks and granitoid plutons and is overlain by a series of Neoproterozoic to early Paleozoic sediments (Cingolani, 2010). The aim of the study is to evaluate the long-term landscape evolution of the passive continental margin in eastern Argentina in terms of thermal history and exhumation. Rundsch.) (2011) 11-242, doi 10.1007/s00531-010-0611-5. For that purpose samples were taken from the Sierra Septentrionales basement analyzed for the apatite-FT method. For each dating or chronological method there is a link in the box at right to take you to that section of this page.

Because of the distortions and lies spread by fundamentalists about scientific dating there is a need for a centralized source of information on the topic.

A few examples of such lies are presented at the very bottom of this page.


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