Ranbir and katrina dating


A selfie of them all too surfaced on social media last year.That was the time when rumours of Ran-Kat split were also doing the rounds.While they had a beautiful relationship, things started to take a little nasty turn as rumours of Ranbir’s closeness to his Tamasha co-star and ex girlfriend Deepika Padukone popped up.He said, “I was in London last year and someone put me on the London version of Tinder. it’s quite mean.” Well, the concept of the app itself put Kapoor down. And the world is going crazy.” ALSO READ: Ranbir Kapoor IN, Katrina Kaif OUT of Jagga Jasoos sequel – read SHOCKING details!And though it has made social life easy, it’s quite… He further continued by hand gesturing as though there’s a phone in his hand, “You’re in my good books,” as he swiped right on his fabricated phone, but soon swiped left and said, ” you’re in my bad books. The point that he has presented on Tinder is simple, judgement and criticism is bad.The haven for all in singledom, Tinder is the app that found it’s place on Ranbir’s phone as well. This happened last year, the time when he was still dating Katrina!



After dating for 5 years and in fact, even moving in together, the couple ended their affair in January, this year. They both are very much single and ready to mingle.Of course, that left a lot of us heartbroken because not only were they one of the most good looking real life couple but also because of how strong they were going. However, looks like Mr Kapoor got a taste of Tinder already!



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