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Rapper Birdman confirmed the shocking news via Twitter. Paris Hilton Calls Gay Men "Disgusting" Unfortunately for Lil Wayne and Cash Money, odds are they will be sorely disappointed with the end result in terms of sales.

Paris' self-titled debut album in 2006 charted well by debuting at No.

Even if there's been a surge of interest in electronic dance music lately, it's doubtful at best that Paris will be able to ride it.

The one thing we'll give her credit for is using her heiress money to create a successful business of handbags and accessories, which have resulted in more than 40 stores being opened worldwide. You can still be successful as long as you stay off our screens...

We have to give Paris props for persistence though, if nothing else.

She released a song last year called "Drunk Text", which featured poetic lyrics like "I went out to the club the other night / To, you know, dance with my bitches / That guy was there again..." Hey, they say to write about what you know.

6 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold nearly 200,000 copies, but that was over was cancelled in 2011 after just one season, she attempted to be a DJ last year.

However, she was booed after her comically bad debut performance at a festival in Brazil, where she spent more time blowing kisses than spinning records.


We got one coming out together.” He also shed some light on his relationship with Lil Wayne, insisting that the two still see each other everyday, despite Wayne’s recent disses and ongoing lawsuit against him. “One time, maybe, when all that other sh*t was poppin’, we went about a year [without talking],” Birdman said. That’s my son.” Birdman says that lingering issues aside, he’s confident that his relationship with Wayne will eventually be back on the up and up.



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    PHOTOS: Over-the-top celebrity weddings After all, the actors were first seen laughing and holding hands over the Christmas holiday -- just one month after Weisz, 41, split with director Darren Aronofsky, her fiance since 2005.

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    In this incarnation, Germaine was the main character while Foamy mostly stayed in the background or off to the side whilst making random comments pertaining to the current situation (or perhaps not).

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