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One of the big pleasures for first-timers here is to meet the epoxy guru himself – and one of the longtime drivers behind multihulling in general and the GLMC specifically; Meade Gougeon.

I didn’t know them, nor them me, and so walking right into the meeting was a little bit intimidating.Three 6 miles races, each over in about 40 minutes.She joined one of the very few long-running mixed-multihull events in the US last weekend, and here’s her report: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Multi-hulls, trimarans, high speed, firehosing and adrenalin.

The most recent stop on the mixed-multihull Routes Des Princes was the Trophee Du Port De Fecamp, and here’s a nice look at the action from the winning Multi 50 Fenetrea Cardinal, with thanks to Easy Ride Video for the shoot.

A big welcome back to the front page for one of Anarchy’s OG sailor chicks; yogini and spiritual guru Hellion!


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