The Commander label was used on some Sunlight built electric motors and grinders in the 1930s.

And in the early 1900s, Sears sold a line of Acme post drills; we have not been able to determine the true manufacturer of these machines.

Some machines sold by Sears Roebuck (including all machines before about 1930) did not use any of the Craftsman, Companion, or Dunlap names, but were branded simply as "Sears, Roebuck & Co." An example is a scrollsaw made by Syncro.

The list below contains the known makers of the above-mentioned products only.

Companion tools were less expensive than the contemporaneous Craftsman tools.



A variety of companies manufactured tools for Sears under the Craftsman name.If you want to identify the manufacturer of a Craftsman machine, follow the link under "Sears, Roebuck Number Prefixes", below.


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