Shooting on the Imtiaz Ali-directed project took place at Mumbai's Grant Road red light district."They (the sex workers) were very shy initially.

They were reluctant about coming in front of the camera," said a production source."But Imtiaz and Ranbir spent some time talking to them and created a comfortable environment after which we commenced shooting."The actor is then reported to have spoken with the sex workers, once the scene was completed."Once the shoot was over, some of them even took pictures with Ranbir and requested for autographs; and Ranbir happily obliged.

Starring alongside Frida is Gabriel Olds as Peter (Boardwalk Empire) and Matthew Marsden as Mark (Two and a Half Men).

They wished Ranbir and Imtiaz good luck for the film's success," the insider added.

Kapoor reportedly suffered from depression during the filming of some of the project's emotional content.

The sequence filmed at Grant Road shows Kapoor's character playing the guitar and singing.

SELLING ISOBEL Starring The Real Life Sex Trade Survivor shares the true story of a girl who was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave, although it is set in America, the real story happened in the heart of London, behind the capitals biggest shopping district, Oxford Street.

Award winning director Rudolph Buitendach was nominated for Best New Director by the BBC, his feature Dark Heart starring Lucas Till (X-Men Mc Guyver), was nominated for best film at the 20th Raindance Film Festival and debuted on Showtime.

His latest film Where The Road Runs Out won numerous awards, including Best Director at the Academy Qualifying Sunscreen.


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