Recent dating websites in s korea


Ashley Madison is seen as the first company in South Korea to aggressively promote itself as a dating website for married people, though other online dating websites and chatting services have long been used as channels for affairs or prostitution.

Among the surprises, the company says, is that more women than men under the age of 45, its most lucrative group, have signed up.

"Men have always had affairs," Paul Keable, a company spokesman, said in an interview.

Both are using the Ashley Madison cheating website, which is making a lucrative, controversial splash in South Korea in the wake of a landmark ruling earlier this year that decriminalizes adultery.

So great is the interest here that company executives expect it to be a top-three market globally for them in five years, after the United States and Canada.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- A wealthy man sneaks away for a tryst that he suggests will "reduce friction" with his wife.

A woman in Seoul looks for a "side relationship" to a marriage that has lost its spark.

Here's a look at how the cheating website's debut shows hints of both change and persistent sexism in this traditionally conservative country.Then South Korea shut down the website, citing a six-decade-old anti-adultery law.Executives say a large number of women are signing up, taking advantage of increasing access to disposable cash and the freedom to do what men have always done.Not all is equal, however: The consequences of getting caught remain much greater for women here than they are for men.

It was not a shocking move for a country that bars people from viewing pornography or reading rival North Korea's propaganda-filled media, but Ashley Madison sued.Then, in February, a court separately struck down the anti-adultery law.


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