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So have sexual predators learned any lesson at all? Just this week, Dateline was back in action for a third investigation, this time in Southern California. Frag, a Perverted Justice volunteer who is inside the house alerts detectives when a potential predator is on the way.


Friday night on Dateline we'll show you what you need to know about My Space and other social networking sites to keep your kids safe. I think of myself as a savvy dad, but I was shocked by some of what I found on the site.Kids design their own My Space page and most chat back and forth about school, sports, gossip etc.What many of them don't realize is that millions of people have access to the pictures and personal information they post.


Both of our investigations were watched by millions of people. Unlike our previous hidden camera operations, where after leaving the house some men were able to make a run for it, this time things will be different.

It was the talk of radio and cable television shows for weeks. For our new investigation, Perverted Justice, the watchdog group that regularly catches online predators, set up a plan with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.


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